Monetize Site without Google Adsense (

Monetize Site without Google Adsense ( is a best tool to monetize your site without google adsense is an best alternative for google adsense and even easy and reqiured no verification. and you can earn $1 as so Register on the site. and it has multiple payout options like UPI, PAYTM, PhonePe, PayPal, and Bank transfer etc.

it is a highest Paying URL Shortener Named “” to Earn Money Online with Payment Proof, Features, & Honest Review.

You can earn money each time a short link is clicked! is Paying High as

 Up to $22 Per 1000 Views is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links. is a completely free url shortener. which can also help you in monetizing your link or site


1. First Create an account on from Here.

click on register option on top right corner of the site

 2.  Now, Click on New shorten link option on left side as show in image below :-

 3. Paste the URL of your site's main page Ex:-"" in this case. in the box below and click on Shorten. and Now will get a new Monetized link for your site. for example like this "".

first paste the long url and click on shorten button to get the monetize or shorten link

 4. And you can withdrawn money easily with payment option like UPI, Paypal or PhonePe.

 NOTE :- You can also increase your earning by targeting people for this countries as show below :-


ShrinkMe URL Shortener is quite the highest in paying as compared to other URL shorteners.

You would get the Pleasant World Class Customer Support Via WhatsApp or Facebook if you have any questions or queries!

You can get All The Payment Methods Like Paypal, Paytm, UPI, Bitcoin with No Transaction Fees.

The Minimum Payout is 5$ in which you Need to Earn 4$ for getting your First Withdrawal.

Surprisingly, the 22$ CPM rate per 1000 Views is not for US traffic, but traffic from Greenland.

For US-based traffic, ShrinkMe offers a CPM rate of 14$ per 1000 Views.

    If you are the Blog Owner/Youtuber who got Disabled by Google Adsense, Must Give it Try.

Few Cons of Using ShrinkMe URL Shortener: –

        Annoying/Irritating at times for the users with interstitial or Popup ads
        Requires JavaScript & Flash enabled by the users on their browser
        Not Allowed Adult Content, Torrent, PTC or Faucet Traffic
        Redirecting Loop (Shorting ShrinkMe Link with another Shortener) is Not Allowed


if you want to shorten all the hyperlinks of your complete web page. then can do it for you automatically and FREE . just go to " Tools" on left side panel and click on Full Page Script. Then, 

: Use this option if you want to short only links from the following domains list.
Exclude: Use this option if you wish to short every link on your website but exclude only the links from the following domains list.

1. Select "INCLUDE" if you want shorten the links of that only page. which you will paste in domain list box below. and "EXCLUDE" if you want to exclude the url of your domain that you want to exclude.

2. And then click on GENERATE button. 

3. and Now, copy the script and paste in code of your site. your link will be automatically be shortened and if anybody clicks on it you will get revenue of ads which are show by that link. 


You can also you REST API to shortener the urls. or if you know App development then you can also make your own link shortener app. which you can publish on Google playstore and help people to shrink URLS for FREE and as many urls will be shortened and used use earn revenue 


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